Welcome to the “AWAKENING” blog.

I hope you find the conversations informational as well as spiritually edifying and most of all entertaining. Our purpose is to offer you an alternative view of the Universe in which we reside. Future blogs will discuss:

Who and what is the true nature of the being you call God?

Where did God come from and where is He going?

Where did you come from?

Is the Christian Bible telling the reader the truth?

What happens to us when we die?

How we are all inter-connected?

Inter-personal relationships between husbands, wives and other family members and how they affect our lives.

What is your responsibility to your fellow man, (Are we or are we not our brothers keeper)?

We will also delve into macro and quantum physics to demonstrate how these sciences support our hypothesis. You will learn that there is no conflict between religion and the sciences; to know one is to know the other.

Is “greed good” like Gordon Gekko stated in the movie “Wall Street”?

What makes for a righteous man or woman?

I could continue with an endless list of topics, but this blog is for and about you. ANY topic that you can come up with is meat and taters for discussion and you will be amazed with the answers. I can guarantee that if you participate, or merely read but never join the discussion, your spiritual life and understanding of everything known and unknown will expand exponentially. We will never ridicule anything you wish to submit: there is no idea that is not worth a thoughtful and considerate examination.

Do we have all of the answers: Certainly not, but you will be surprised at what we do have. And we certainly wish to be surprised by what you have to offer.

Right now we are having a discussion with Joe M. on the attempts by Pope Francis to start a reformation movement within the Catholic Church. Please read, enjoy, and join in if you so desire. We will not stay with this topic for long because there are many far more pressing and informative concepts to exam.

To help jump start your participation; we are offering the first 100 people a free copy of our book of revelation – “Awakening” which was inspired by the “Creator One”, at no cost. We will even pay the shipping if you will agree to give it to a seeking friend after reading and encourage them to do the same.

I am waiting to hear from you.


J.D. James

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