Reader’s Comments

“Awakening should be required reading of every college student. No! It should be required reading of all of humanity!”
— J.S., Investment banker.

” This book was not written by any man. The Author is an alien from outer space. No man is capable of coming up with the insights expressed in this book.”
— N.A., Muslim businessman.

“The author is truly God’s Chosen One.”
— D.B., Gospel singer.

“Awakening is easy to read and flows from start to finish. The anecdotal stories are extremely interesting and help support the premises that follow.”
— J.M., Retired Director of Education.

“Awakening belongs on the shelf with the Bible, the Koran, and the Books of Moses.”
— R.A., Christian businessman.

“It is the best book that I have ever read!”
— S.B., Educator

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