For thousands of years, humankind has worshiped beings that they call gods. In the name of these gods, mankind has destroyed the world and enslaved humankind.

During these times, the Creator of the universe decided to leave the interpretation of who and what It is to the guises of man who in turn established organized religions with the sole purpose of controlling and keeping the masses subservient to their needs.

As we sit on the eve of our extinction, the Creator One of everything has decided to let the world know who and what It is, and man’s purpose for existence through this novel in the hope that this knowledge will allow mankind to change its ways.

Awakening explains and answers these questions through a series of anecdotes that begin each chapter that clarifies the positions taken.

Realizing that it is easy to criticize without offering solutions; solutions and actions that need to be taken are also offered. Questions are continuously asked to force the reader to think.

Although the reader will find nearly all of their questions answered, the book’s intent is for them to formulate and seek answers to the many questions that they will have after their read.

The reader may or may not agree with the writer; but they will certainly be forced to think about things that they would have never considered.

Yet, this statement does not begin to explain the content of the text. The only way you can understand what the book is about is to read it.