I stood on a wide cliff, high in the air surrounded by mountains. I soon noticed that I was not alone…. I looked at him puzzled, not quite knowing what to make of him. Then he spoke to me saying, “Do you know who I am?” Instantly I knew, and with full certainty, I said, “You are God.”

“Yes, I am. I have been waiting to have this conversation with you, and I know that you have a lot of questions that you have been seeking answers to.”

I immediately responded, “I have waited so long, and I do have questions.”

Smiling, He spoke, “But, in order for you to receive your answers, you have to be dead because no man can come to me alive and obtain their answers.”

I immediately took three steps back and held up both hands, arms extended, as if to push Him away. I cried out, “I want to know, but not that bad! I am not willing to die to get the answers!”

Before I could get the last utterance out of my mouth, I was dead. It was similar to a shutter clicking on a camera. One moment I was alive; and a split second later, I was dead. I was still conscious but I did not realize that I was also transformed. I stared across the space that divided us in amazement and bewilderment, and said, “Is that all there is to that?”

He answered back, “That is what you have been afraid of all these years,” and smiled.

I said, “Well, that was . . . nothing! It was like walking from one room into another.”

“I know. Now ask me your questions….”

This third, and perhaps final, spiritual illumination came to me when I was thirty-five …. From this vision, everything in my life changed and my quest began to first enlighten myself and finally bring these truths to the world.

The foundation, as we believe, which is God does not exist.

Instead, there is a Presence mankind visualizes similar to himself with his characteristics.