The Eternal Moment

My best friend has an extremely bad heart and is dying He is a veteran and his only hope is a heart transplant. Because of his 2 to 3 pack a day smoking habit, a transplant although possible, is not likely. Overall he is a good man, but his obsessive-abusive life-style of excesses with alcohol, women, drugs and lack of care for his body has left him in this precarious position at age 57. I warned him repeatedly over the past 20 years that he would die well before his time and his would be an excruciating painful death with a great deal of suffering.

My prophetic words to him have come true and as I write this blog he suffers and doggedly refuses to die because of his terrifying fear of death and the unknown beyond the grave. In 2010 I gave him a copy of my book the “Awakening” as a potential comfort to him about his impending transitional process between this life and the next. The book remains to this day on his coffee table unopened.

He has refused to even discuss the possibility of his life terminating and his Christian faith has offered no solace for the coming event. At one point he has said he no longer believes in God and has lost whatever faith he ever had. But if we could discuss the matter, here is what I would tell him:

You can not die because the essence of you was never alive! Your physical body dies just as it was designed to do. It is made of earthly flesh and blood and as we all know everything which is alive must by its nature die at some point. But the spiritual entity which is you and resides within the cocoon of your body is immortal and can not die because it was never alive. It is conscientious and aware but not alive.

Albert Einstein once theorized that “matter can not be created or destroyed”. I offer another theorem: the “spirit can not be created or destroyed”. It was, is and will always be and exists in only what we humans can best describe as the eternal moment or as I like to say the forever now!

Let me elaborate and attempt to clarify what I am postulating. Let us examine what happens at our death.

When we die, we are instantly rejoined with our true selves. The veil of lost recollection is immediately removed and we understand we willing chose to enter this plane of sub-existence called life on earth (I will explain why we made this decision on another Blog or you can read the “Awakening” and find out for yourself right now.)

We do traverse a passage to the “Light” where we confront whatever we wish. For example: deceased loved ones, old friends, family members, etc. We are not judged and are neither rewarded with a heaven or punished with an eternal hell. These are things of myths and fables used by powerful elites to subjugate the willing subjects of the former existence called life.

You and others will appear to look human if you so desire as will the other spiritual beings you encounter, this is the initial preconception of retrieved spiritual selves and it is primarily designed to allow for easy return to the eternal plane of spiritual existence. You are out of the body, that is dead to your former existence but not dead to the knowledge there of. You have no body, no lungs to breathe air, nor heart to pump blood. The space time continuum you use to call the Universe no longer exists, it never really did, and once you travel into the light and re-unite with the Creator One, you are still you but also One again with all things known and nothing is unknown. But what is the state of your retrieved awareness?

You are One and One is You! You, It, Us, We are all ONE again. All knowing and always. Beyond and before eternity, beginnings and ends of all things, none of which exists or ever did. You are united in a forever moment of perfection and bliss. There is no past, present or future – there never was. You and the Creator One willed it into existence and by doing so created the space time continuum and the Universe. In this moment and at his place, neither of which really exists or has any meaning, is the epicenter of endless possibilities. There is no time, so having eternal life is meaningless. Everything is in the singularity of I am that I am and I always was, I always Am, and I will always be. All three of which are captured in the moment of the forever now.

When I ask my Christian friends what do they think Heaven will be like, they never have anything close to a definitive answer. My Mormon friends believe that as husband and wife they will be made into Gods, but they are never able to tell me what they will do as Gods. I told a good Mormon friend, “Bob you are a great guy and you know I love you like a brother, but I don’t think you or your wife will make very good Gods.” I laughed, but he did not think it was so funny.

Another friend told me that he knows for sure that he will have a penis and his wife will have a vagina and they will continue to have sex throughout all of eternity. I guess he really likes making love.

A now deceased mother-in-law, when I asked her about the lamentations of the voices of loved ones screaming in agony from the bowels of hell, informed me that a loving God will deafen her ears to there cries and remove all memory of their existence. I did not have a response to that one.

If your faith comforts you through the transition to the eternal keep it! Hold on tight! But it is what it is what it is, and what you believe or don’t believe is immaterial. What awaits, as revealed to me, is more glorious then anything you can imagine.

This is what I would share with my dying friend, if he would allow me. What do you think?

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